Starting in 2009, the BRRS sought to promote the kind of country and Americana music rarely heard on radio today - classic country, fantastic acts local to Indiana and the Midwest, up-and-coming talent from Nashville and beyond, and a curious mix of old blues, Americana, and even rock and soul. Unlike commercial radio, the content of the show wasn't geared towards a specific audience or demographic. Instead, if the music was good, they played it, and who listened to the show would sort itself out.

During it's five year run, the BRRS scored a surprising number of guests for a completely noncommercial show. Some called in by phone, some were live in the Studio Bunker, some moved on to greater heights in their career, and some stayed local, but all shared the same creative drive and spirit that made them a perfect fit for the show. Guests included Sturgill Simpson, Pokey LaFarge, George Grove of the Kingston Trio, HoneyHoney, The Tillers, Elizabeth Cook, Tift Merritt, Shannon McNally, Girls Guns & Glory, Cari Ray, The Shelby County Sinners, The Whipstitch Sallies, Coot Crabtree, and many more.

Despite all this, Andrew and Deacon Tim decided to call it a day in mid-2014. The show had always been a labor of love but changing circumstances in both their lives (all of it good, by the way) dictated that the BRRS had to go on at least an indefinite hiatus. It's entirely possible the boys could whip up a special new episode on occasion, they're just keeping it open-ended as to if and when.
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Last updated: 10/21/2014
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Fans of the good time music, tune in to the farewell episode of the BRRS as we spin songs from a fitting theme: Truckin'. Yes indeed, after five incredible years, it's time for Andrew and Deacon Tim to head on down the road like an 18-wheeler - to new places and new projects.